Daily Life of Muslims - Islamic Way of Life

  • Faith
  • March 23, 2023
  • Islamic way of life

  • Personal life in the eyes of Islam
  • Spiritual life
  • Intellectual life
  • Outer life
  • Purity and cleanliness
  • Halal Food
  • Islamic Clothing and Accessories
  • Sports, mind entertainment and source
  • Social life of Islam
  • All people are Equal
  • Family life is the foundation of Islamic society
  • Women's dignity
  • Social responsibility
  • The goal of Islamic society
  • Islamic Legal System: Shariat
  • Source of Shari'ah
  • Characteristics of Islamic Law
  • Islamic economics
  • Halal Earnings
  • Expenditure
  • System of Zakat
  • Private ownership and personal liberty
  • Inheritance Act Prohibiting Usury (Miras)
  • Politics of Islam
  • God's sovereignty
  • The Quran is the constitution of the Islamic state
  • Caliphate
  • Legislation and governance based on consultation
  • Responsibility of government and people
  • Independence of Judiciary
  • Independence of the state is possible only through Islam
  • Rights of non-Muslims
1 Islamic way of life

Islam is not just a religion. Some beliefs or practices are not even called Islam. Islam is a system given by Allah for the whole life of man. Whole life means: his personal life, social life, financial life, political life - everything. So a life system has been developed in the light of Islam. We briefly discuss various aspects of this system of life. There is no scope for detailed discussion here, but through this discussion, we want you to be interested in knowing about the entire life system of Islam.

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