Famous Islamic Female Scholars in the World(Update-2023)

  • Islam
  • April 13, 2023

Famous Islamic Female Scholars is making Islam alive in the hearts of numerous Muslims all around the world. These are the people who are impacting numerous Muslims all around the world. These are some of Famous Islamic Scholars in the World, who are the source of millions of Muslims.

Famous Islamic Womans Scholars List:

  • Suhaila Zain Al-Abideen
  • Dalia Mogahed
  • Yasmin Mogahed
  • Ustadha Maryam Amir
  • Dr. Feryal Salem
  • Dr. Tesneem Alkiek
  • Dr. Tamara Gray
  • Ustadha Ieasha Prime
  • Dr. Jamillah Karim
  • Dr. Haifaa Younis
  • Sr. Rabeyah Shad
  • Mohtarma Zahra Razi Sahiba
  • Ustadha Nihad Hemmoudeh
  • Dr. Sh. Haifaa Younis
  • Dalia Mogahed
  • Sis. Amtul Mateen
1 Famous Woman Scholar #1: Yasmin Mogahed

Yasmin Mogahed is an American educator and motivational speaker. She is a specialist in spirituality, psychology, and personal development. Mogahed is the first female instructor at the AlMaghrib Institute.

Born: March 11, 1980, Egypt
Nationality: American, Egyptian
Family: Dalia Mogahed (sister)
Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Associated Acts: MASICNA Convention; MSA National

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