Islam in Malta - History of Muslim in Malta

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  • June 6, 2022

Islam in Malta has had a generally significant impact upon the nation — particularly its language and horticulture — as an outcome of a few centuries of control and presence on the islands. Today, the super Muslim associations addressed in Malta are the Libyan World Islamic Call Society and the minority Ahmadiyya.

Prior to Muslim rule, Eastern Christianity had been prominent in Malta during the time of Greek-Byzantine rule.The thesis of a Christian continuity in Malta during Arab rule has been reinforced by numerous historical sources.

I loved Malta and I was pleasantly surprised! I know many Muslims only visit Muslim countries and miss out on so much adventure and culture that build your character. I have friends who only go to Muslim countries because of the Halal food. For me personally, this is not an issue. I live in the West where not every restaurant serves Halal and I don’t restrict myself to only Muslim countries for this.


2 Muslim Life in Malta

Malta is a Muslim-friendly country and has a Muslim population and plenty of halal food options for Muslim travellers available in addition to a small local mosque on the island. Malta has everything you might want as a tourist, halal food, amazing private villas, history and beautiful location.

Name: Republic of Malta
Capital: Valletta
Major languages: Maltese, English
Major religion: Catholicism
Currency: Euro